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Phoenix reclinata (100 seeds)


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Phoenix reclinata. (Arecaceae) Wild date palm, wilde-dadelboom. It can reach up to 12 m but is most often between 3 and 6 m. It may be either single or multi-stemmed, sometimes forming a dense, bushy clump. The leaves are arching, bright green fronds and form crowns at the top of the stems. The old fronds remain on the tree and become ‘petticoats’ as they hang straight down beneath the crown. It is used to make mats, baskets and hats. Brooms for sweeping around rural dwellings are made from the dried inflorescences. Palm wine is made from the sap. The heart of the crown is sometimes eaten by people. The fruits are edible and apparently taste quite similar to the commercial date. Sowing: Sow in a mix of river sand and compost. The seeds can either be pressed gently into the medium or covered lightly. Do not allow the medium to dry out. Germination should begin after about a month. Transplanting can be carried out when the first leaf is 50 mm long. Locality: George. Harvest: January 2024