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Polygala myrtifolia (100 seeds)


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Polygala myrtifolia (Polygalaceae) September Bush, Bloukappie. Hardy, large, evergreen shrub with glossy green leaves. It bears abundant, mauve pea-like flowers almost throughout the year with a flush in late winter. It makes a decorative small tree if pruned into a standard and an excellent flowering screening plant that can also be pruned into a formal hedge. Attracts Carpenter Bees to the garden. The seeds are relished by laughing doves and other seed-eating birds. Grows in sun or semi-shade but flowers best in full sun. Size 1 to 4m. S.A. No. 302.1. Sowing: Sow in springtime. Treat seed with hot water for better germination. Light scarification and treatment with pre-emergence fungicide will give optimum results, but is not necessary for good germination. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: October 2023