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Pterocarpus rotundifolius (100 seeds)


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Pterocarpus rotundifolius (Fabaceae). Round-leafed Teak (e), Dopperkiaat (a), iNdlandlovu (z). This fairly hardy, decorative, multi-stemmed small, deciduous tree grows naturally in bushveld and rocky hillsides. It has a rough bark that peels in strips and a beautiful rounded crown with large compound leaves, the leaflets being round, glossy. It bears showy sprays of scented, glowing yellow flowers with crinkly petals that decorate the tree in summer and makes an unforgettable sight. The pods are thin and winged, hanging in clusters. The exceptionally beautiful foliage has great potential in dried arrangements as the leaves dry to a rich copper colour. With its upright form and graceful branching patterns, Pterocarpus makes a wonderful garden specimen. Size 3 to 9m. S.A. No 237. Sowing : Sow seeds in summer. Locality : Johannesburg. Harvest : July 2021