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Pterodiscus luridus (4 seeds)


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Pterodiscus luridus (price per 4 seeds) Pedaliaceae. It is a caudiciform plant similar in many parts to Pterodiscus aurantiacus. It has a stout tuberous stem base or caudex rising a few cm above the ground, and sending forth from its crown, on the approach of the wet season, a few herbaceous, succulent, leafy, flowering branches covered, like the leaves and flowers, with a powdery pruinose pubescence. The leaves are oblong, deeply scalloped, upper surface dark green, lower surface bluish. The trumpet-like flower are dirt yellowish with many red dots on the outside. Sowing : Sow seeds in summer in a well drained medium. Sometimes the seeds take a very long time to germinate. Locality : Bloemfontein. Harvest:  August 2019.