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Rhigozum obovatum (100 seeds)


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Rhigozum obovatum. Karoo rhigozum, Karoo gold, yellow pomegranate (Eng.); geelberggranaat, berggranaat (Afr.). This is a much-branched, spiny shrub or small tree 1.0-4.5 m high. The leaves are opposite or in a cluster, trifoliolate (compound leaf with three leaflets) or rarely simple, and they are borne on short, spine-tipped side shoots. The leaflets are obovate (egg-shaped and widest at the tips), 5-13 x 2-5 mm, greyish green, often finely notched, the margin is entire, rolled under, and the petiole is 2-6 mm long. Sowing : Sow seeds from late spring to early autumn in a well-drained medium of 100% river sand or one part river sand to one part bark. Seed trays should be kept in a warm place and watered daily. After about 3 weeks the seed will start to germinate. Seedlings can be planted out after three months. Locality: Ladysmith. Harvest: January 2024