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Rhodocoma fruticosa (100 seeds)


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Rhodocoma fruticosa. (Common Frayreed) It has an upright, arching habit and grows 1 m tall. The crown spreads to 1 m in diameter. This species has a clumped habit, meaning the underground rhizome gradually spreads outwards over time. It will however stay in a rounded shape and does not form long runners. The diameter of plants at the base of the clump varies between 0.3-1 m. Sowing : Sow your seed from April-May (autumn) when the days are warm (20-30°C) and the nights are cool (10-15°C). Treat seed prior to planting with Instant Smoke Primer. This smoke treatment vastly improves germination rates. Use seed trays that are 10 cm deep and fill these trays with a well-drained sandy medium. Scatter the seed uniformly over the medium, cover lightly with sand and water gently. Place the trays in a light, well-ventilated area. Keep the trays damp but not wet. Locality: Ceres. Harvest: November 2021