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Rhoicissus digitata (100 seeds)


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Rhoicissus digitata (Vitaceae). baboon grape, bobbejaandruif. Indigenous to the summer rainfall areas of South Africa it is a woody perennial climber with a possible spread of 10-15 m, but it can also be a large loose, somewhat untidy shrub to about 1.5 m high. The main stem is woody with distinctively russet-orange hairs covering young stems. New leaves can be conspicuously rust-red. The fruit has been used in making jam. Sowing: It is easily propagated from seed sown in spring or early summer and takes from three to six weeks to germinate. Soaking in hand-hot water overnight and treating with a fungicide that combats pre- and post-emergence damping off, although not essential for germination, will increase the number of successful seedlings. Sow cleaned seed in a seed tray in a well-drained, well-aerated soil mix. Spread the seeds evenly and cover with a layer of sand. Water the seed tray and place it in a warm place until germination takes place in three to five weeks under optimum conditions. Locality: Grahamstown. Harvest: October 2023