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Scabiosa columbaria (100 seeds)


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Scabiosa columbaria (Dipsacaceae). A hardy, evergreen, soft, clump-forming, herbaceous perennial with attractive, deeply lobed foliage. The white flowers are carried on slender erect stems all year round. A lovely plant for mass planting in full sun. Butterflies are irresistibly attracted to its nectar and it is seldom you see a plant in flower without butterflies. Makes a good cut flower and container plant. The species is used medicinally and the dried parts are ground and used as a perfumed baby powder. It occurs in lowland as well as in alpine conditions. This one was harvested in alpine conditions. Size 10 to 20cm. Sowing : The seed can be sown in autumn or spring and will take about 3 weeks to germinate. Locality: Uniondale. Harvest: February 2024