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Scadoxus puniceus (100 seeds)


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Scadoxus puniceus (Amaryllidaceae) Paint Brush (e) Poeierkwas (a), umphompho (z). Hardy, deciduous, beautiful bulbous plant with large leaves that are speckled at the base. It bears big, red, powder-puff flowers in late winter to spring which appear before the leaves. The bright red berries are much sought after by birds. An excellent garden and container plant for full shade or semi-shade that requires well-drained soil. This plant varies hugely in size. The poisonous bulb is extensively used as a medicinal plant. Size 30cm to 1m. Sowing : Use a well-drained, light potting mix, press the seed gently into the soil, do not cover it but leave the tops just visible or level with the soil surface. Keep damp but not waterlogged. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: January 2024