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Schotia capitata (100 seeds)


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Schotia capitata. (dwarf boer-bean, forest tree-fuschia, wild-fuschia, Transvaal boer-bean (Eng.); kleinboerboon, transvaalboerboon (Afr.)) It is an evergreen, multi-stemmed shrub that can also grow in the form of a slender tree, growing up to 7 m tall, with a dense, wide-spreading canopy. Sowing: Use a commercial germination mix or potting mix to sow the seeds. The growth medium should have good drainage. Sow seeds in trays, provided that transplanting will take place at an early stage. Trays should be placed in a semi-shaded area and kept moist and not wet. Use a fungicide to prevent damping off and improve germination too. Locality: Clanwilliam. Harvest: April 2024