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Schotia latifolia (100 seeds)


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Schotia latifolia. It is a tree which grows up to 3 m high where the habitat is dry and scrubby, but may reach 15 m when growing in more moist areas. The crown is rounded in shape unless growing in a forest habitat where the tree will be taller and more slender, the crown shaped according to the forest canopy. The leaves are compound, dark green and have a rather leathery texture. The leaflets are elliptic and asymmetrical; the 3-5 pairs of leaflets are arranged opposite one another although the actual leaf arrangement is alternate. The pale pink flowers are borne in clusters on the ends of stems. Flower colour can be variable, from flesh-coloured to white-ish. Sowing : Pour hot water over the seeds and leave them to soak overnight. They should quickly swell as they absorb the water. When the seed coat becomes wrinkled they are ready to be sown. Sow in seedling trays with a good, sieved seedling mix, to a depth of about one third the thickness of the seeds. Cover them lightly. Keep the trays moist but ensure the mixture is well-drained and the seeds do not become waterlogged. Keep the trays in semi-shade. Locality: Mosselbaai. Harvest: December 2023