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Searsia batophylla (Rhus batophylla) (100 seeds)


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Searsia batophylla. It is a low-branching shrub up to 2 m high. Leaves are usually trifoliolate (with three leaflets) and usually with a petiole (leaf stalk) which is variable in length within the species and folds upwards along the main vein; the leaflets are greyish-green above and whitish below. Sowing : The seeds are cleaned by rubbing off the outer parts. Sow in a medium made up of one part mountain gravel, one part compost/leaf mould, and one part red soil. Mix well until you have a very well-drained, loose mixture. No artificial fertilizers should be added. Seed trays must have good drainage. Scatter the seeds lightly over the prepared, damp sowing mixture. Firm them down lightly. Cover with coarse sand. Place the seed tray in a cool, shady, well-ventilated house. The sun should not shine on the seed tray in the germinating stage. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: April 2021