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Searsia erosa (Rhus erosa) (100 seeds)


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Searsia erosa (Broom Karree). This much-branched, evergreen shrub or small tree grows to about 4 m. in height, but spreads to about 9 m across. It is fairly fast growing and has brown bark. The trifoliate leaves are very distinctive. The leaflets are very long (up to 130 mm) and narrow (3 mm wide). They usually have toothed, jagged margins which look as if they have been gnawed. Sowing : Rub off all fleshy bits from the seed. Then plant them in a mixture of gravel, loam and river sand. Only lightly cover the seeds and keep them moist, but never too damp. Seeds should start germinating about 8 weeks after sowing. Locality: Bloemfontein. Harvest: December 2021