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Searsia glauca (Rhus glauca) (100 seeds)


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Searsia glauca. This is an evergreen, densely branched shrub 2–3 m tall, sometimes a small, multi-stemmed tree up to 4 m tall, with branches that are characteristically angular. Compound leaves are borne on slender stalks, characteristically consist of three sessile leaflets (trifoliate), with the terminal one being the largest, are scattered or clustered on young reddish branchlets; tips of leaflets are often slightly indented. Sowing: Sow the ripe seed in autumn in seedling trays, using a well-drained seedling medium. Only lightly cover the seeds and keep them moist, but never too damp. Seeds should start germinating from about four to six weeks after sowing. Locality: Piketberg. Harvest: May 2023