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Searsia lancea (Rhus lancea) (100 seeds)


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Searsia lancea (African Sumac, Karee) Very hardy, evergreen, drought resistant tree with a graceful, weeping form and dark, fissured bark that contrasts beautifully with the long, thin, bright, trifoliate leaves. The inconspicuous yellow-green flowers (male and female flowers on separate plants, therefore only female plants bear fruit) in late winter to spring. Attract insects and are followed by bunches of fruit that attract birds. The small flowers are borne in abundance and give the tree a lacy look when in bloom. An excellent garden subject that thrives in clay soils and is fast growing if watered regularly. Size up to 8m. S.A. No. 386. Sowing: Plant in summer. The seed should be sown in seedling trays using a good seedling medium and transplanted into bigger containers when the seedlings reach the two leaf stage. seeds take 15 days to start germinate. Locality: Bloemfontein. Harvest: October 2023