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Searsia pyroides (Rhus pyroides)


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Searsia pyroides (100 seeds)

Family: Anacardiaceae

Common names: Common Wild Currant (e), Gewone Taaibos (a), Nhlokoshiyane (z), Mododiri (s)

Very hardy, tough, drought resistant, deciduous tree that is widespread in South Africa. It has attractive trifoliate leaves and sometimes large, woody spines. The inconspicuous flowers are borne from Aug. to March and are followed by bunches of fruit (male and female flowers on separate plants, therefore only female plants bear fruit). This very easy and attractive addition to the garden attracts a multitude of birds and insects. Size 1 to 6m. S.A. No. 392.

Sowing instructions: Sow the seeds in a well-balanced soil mix and they will germinate in three weeks.

Locality: Tweespruit. Harvest: June 2024