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Searsia rosmarinifolia (100 seeds)


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Searsia rosmarinifolia. It is a tall, robust, erect shrublet, up to 1 m high, arising from a large woody rootstock, bark smooth, the many stems densely covered with hairs. Leaves are grey-green above, covered with thin hairs and greyish or white-felted below, margins curled back; three leaflets sessile, forming a compound leaf. Sowing: Prepare the seed trays by putting a drainage layer at the bottom. Fill the trays with the medium and firm it down with a seed press, but do not force the soil down as it then becomes compact, hampering the drainage. The medium should be moist. Spread the seeds lightly over the prepared sowing mixture and firm them down lightly. Dust the seed with fine ashes of wood (grey powder) before covering them, to keep insects away. Do not over-water the seed trays to avoid rotting. Place the seed tray in a cool, shady, well-ventilated place. The seed tray should not be in full sun during the germinating stage. Locality: Citrusdal. Harvest: August 2022