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Sparaxis caryophyllaceus


Sparaxis caryophyllaceus.  Growing from 12 to 30 cm, it has corms with tunics of hard coarse fibers thickened into vertical claw-like ribs below and broadly lanceolate leaves that are mostly prostrate and speckled basally. Flowers are sweetly fragrant, bilaterally symmetrical, pale yellow with the upper erect, larger and slightly hooded tepal shading to violet above and the lateral upper tepals cream colored and lower tepals deep yellow. The throat is yellow with dark streaks. Sowing : Seed is sown in autumn, thinly, in deep (min. 10 cm) seed trays, to allow for root development. The soil medium should be well drained, a recommended mix being 2 parts sand : 2 parts compost : 1 part loam or equal parts sand and compost, and the seeds should be planted 3-4 mm deep, covered with clean sand and kept moist and lightly shaded. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: October 2023


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