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Strelitzia reginae (100 seeds)


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Strelitzia reginae (Strelitziaceae) Crane Flower (e), Kraanvoëlblom (a) Hardy, evergreen shrub with large, ornamental, banana-like leaves. The brilliant orange and shimmering peacock-blue flowers have an interesting structure resembling an exotic bird and flower all year round. The nectar as well as the black seeds with an orange aril attracts many birds to the garden. On the Highveld or dry regions it grows best in partial shade. The blade-shaped leaves and flowers are widely used for flower arranging. Size 1 to 1.75m. Sowing: Remove the orange aril and soak for 24 hours in fresh milk. Sow seed in a mixture of equal parts river sand and compost. Cover with a thin layer of compost and keep moist. Keep seedlings in a shady spot for the first season. Once planted out this plant is fast growing. Locality: Hermanus. Harvest: August 2023