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Streptocarpus modestus (100 seeds)


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Streptocarpus modestus (Gesneriaceae) An unusual feature of this soft herbaceous plant is that there are no stems; each leaf is actually an individual plant with its own roots and flowering stems. One to two flowers, but sometimes up to five, each with five broad, uneven petals are borne, each on a long slender flowering stem, throughout summer. Flowers are pale mauve with a white patch on the inside base of the flower, often striped with yellow, and also with striking violet stripes running along the lower petal into the flower tube. Sowing: For seed sowing you can use either seedling mix or normal potting soil. Because the seeds are so tiny it is important to scatter them evenly, using your hands, on the top of the soil medium. Do not cover the seeds with any soil. Give them a gentle watering /spray and then put them into the greenhouse /shade netting area. The trays must be kept within a temperature range of about 20°C. The area must be bright but it must not be exposed to full sun. Always keep the soil moist but not very wet. The tiny seedlings will normally appear within two to three weeks. Locality: Prince Albert. Harvest: October 2018