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Strychnos spinosa (100 seeds)


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Strychnos spinosa (Loganiaceae) – Spiny Monkey Orange (e), Groenklapper (a), umHlala (z,x), umsala (Sw), nsala (Tso), mogorogoro (Tsw), muramba (v). Fairly hardy, deciduous, small tree with attractive creamy grey, flaking bark that is armed with spines. The leathery, light green leaves have a drip tip and are carried in a sparse crown. The small, greenish-white flowers are borne in small clusters on short stalks in summer. Orange-like, green fruit ripen to yellowish brown. When the fruit is ripe the fresh, yellowish pulp inside the hard woody shell is delicious. Dried out shells are used to make a marimba type musical instrument. It has many medicinal uses and makes a great addition to a security hedge. S.A. No. 629. Sowing: Sow in springtime. Locality: Pietersburg. Harvest: January 2023