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Tulista pumila (Haworthia pumila/ margaratifera/ maxima)


Tulista pumila (Haworthia pumila) It is one of the most impressive and eventually large species of the genus. Haworthia pumila has triangular, rather tough, dark green leaves thickly spotted with pearly white warts. Sowing: Sow the seeds during the cool, early summer months of the year in a light, sandy, loam mixture in a seed tray, 4 mm below the soil surface. If sown too deep, they will be smothered and probably not germinate. Ensure there is adequate drainage. A light mixture constitutes materials such as pumice, gravel, perlite and fine-textured humus. On top of this mixture, sprinkle a thin layer of coarse sand. Keep the area weed free and water with a fine mist spray every second day. Ensure the seed trays are in a sunny position. Locality: Robertson. Harvest: June 2023


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