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Tylecodon reticulatus ssp. phyllopodium (100 seeds)


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Tylecodon reticulatus ssp. phyllopodium. Crassulaceae. Leaf-bearing branches thinner than reticulatus, 4 – 8 mm in diameter, with distinct brown or grey to black truncate phyllopdia to 2 mm tall.  Leaves 2 – 6 cm x 4 – 6 mm, terete, erect, green to bluish- or yellowish-green, sometimes slightly grooved on the upper face, apex obtuse or acute, with reddish mucro; bract-like leaves subulate, 1.5 mm, giving rise to pointed phyllopodia. Sowing : Seed can be sown in spring, summer or autumn in frost-free areas. Seedlings can be watered with a fungicide to prevent damping off. Locality: Steinkopf.  Harvest: December 2020