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Vachellia sieberiana var woodii (Acacia sieberiana var woodii) (100 seeds)


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Vachellia sieberiana var woodii (Acacia sieberiana var woodii). A magnificent, widely spreading, flat crown (12 m high, 16 m wide) of deep green, feathery foliage (deciduous) and attractive creamy-tan to yellow-brown corky bark, make this an easy tree to identify. The flaky, papery bark peels off in flattish strips, revealing a yellow under-bark. Sowing: The seeds must first be soaked in hot water, left overnight and planted the next morning in seedling trays. Cover the seeds lightly with river sand and keep moist. Placing a clear glass over the seedling tray can speed up germination. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: June 2023