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Veltheimia bracteata yellow


Veltheimia bracteata yellow. It is a winter-growing deciduous bulbous plant, the leaves dying back in summer, and the new leaves appearing in late-summer to autumn, after a short period of dormancy. In frost-free regions that have rainfall throughout the year, Veltheimia bracteata is almost evergreen. The handsome glossy green, fleshy leaves are broadly strap-shaped with crisped or wavy margins and form an approximately 250 mm high by 350 mm wide rosette at the base of the flower stem. Sowing: The seed should be sown in autumn, thinly to allow the seedlings room to develop, 3 – 4 mm deep, in deep (min.10 cm) trays and kept moist and shaded. A recommended sowing medium is equal parts river sand or industrial sand and fine compost, fine bark or loam. Germination takes two to three weeks and the seedlings should be fed with dilute liquid fertilizer every two weeks after germination. Locality: Kamiesberg. Harvest: December 2023


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