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Veltheimia capensis


Veltheimia capensis. Family: Hyacinthaceae. Common names: quarobe, sand lily, kwarobe, sandlelie. This deciduous, winter-growing geophyte, reaches 150-450 mm high in flower and grows from an egg-shaped or globose, fleshy bulb, with a prominent basal plate, from which perennial, fleshy roots arise. The upper part of the bulb is often exposed and the entire bulb is enclosed with layers of papery, creamy white outer tunics, which are sometimes barred with light brown. The narrowly or broadly lance-shaped or inversely lance-shaped leaves are variable in colour, width, length and orientation. They are arranged in a suberect, arching, spreading or prostrate rosette and are greyish green or bluish grey, slightly or strongly channeled, and have slightly or heavily wavy or curled margins. The flower stem carries a dense, cone-like raceme of narrow, pendent or nodding, uniformly pink, pink-speckled or rarely light yellow, tubular flowers, sometimes with cream-coloured tips. Sowing instructions : Sow them 5 mm deep in early autumn in deep pots or seed trays, in a well drained medium, and place in bright light, under cover. Keep moist every 3 days using a watering can fitted with a fine rose cap. Seeds of this species should not be kept too wet during the germination process.. Locality: Clanwilliam. Harvest: August 2023


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