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Virgilia divaricata (100 seeds)


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Virgilia divaricata. They small to medium-sized trees, with a bushy, rounded to broadly conical growth habit with branches growing close to the ground. They are very fast-growing when young, attaining up to 1.3 m in a year, and reaching their full height in only a few years. The keurboom has beautiful, sweetly scented, sweet-pea-like flowers in dense terminal sprays about 100 mm long. Sowing : The seed coat is hard and requires some stimulation to initiate germination. Seeds can be soaked in hot water before sowing, or the seed coat can be cracked artificially. They also respond to stimulation by fire and can be treated with the KirstenboschInstant Smoke Plus Seed Primer. Seed should be sown in autumn or spring, in well-drained soil at a depth of 0.5 – 1 cm and covered with the sowing medium or milled bark and then watered. Locality: Langkloof. Harvest: December 2020