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Wahlenbergia undulata (caledonica) (100 seeds)


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Wahlenbergia undulata. (African Blue Bell)A soft perennial or annual, Wahlenbergia undulata in full flower forms cushions of about 60 cm high. From the base of the plant the woody older stems fork repeatedly, growing softer and greener towards the flower-bearing tips. The narrow, simple-shaped leaves are stalkless and grow on the bottom half of the stems. They vary in size. Sowing:  The fine seeds can be sown in autumn or spring. Sow the seeds in a seed tray filled with a well-drained medium and cover lightly with a layer of white sand or finely milled bark. Place the tray in a protected shade area and water regularly. Germination is usually good and within 2 – 3 weeks. Locality: Grahamstown. Harvest: June 2023