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Watsonia humilis (100 seeds)


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Watsonia humilis. This winter-growing, summer-dormant plant grows to 300mm high, and has a round, offset-forming corm surrounded by brown, finely netted outer tunics and coarser inner tunics. It has a fan of 5-6 light green, lance-shaped leaves with slightly undulate margins. The brownish-pink flower stem bears a spike of 6-12 upward-facing mauve, pinkish-mauve, white, or pink-flushed white flowers with long, moderately curved perianth tubes and flared tepals. Sowing: Sow seeds about 5mm deep in autumn in deep seed trays or seed beds, in a well drained acid soil such as equal parts of river sand and finely milled bark or well-rotted compost. Locality: Gordonsbay. Harvest: September 2023