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Widdringtonia nodiflora (100 seeds)


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Widdringtonia nodiflora (Cupressaceae) Mountain Cypress (e), Bergsipres (a), uNwele-iwe-entaba (z). Frost hardy and drought resistant small column-like cone bearing evergreen tree with fresh green needle like foliage and is slow growing but a useful ornamental plant that makes a good pot plant and Christmas tree. Size 4 to 10m. S.A. No. 20. Sowing : The mountain cedar is propagated from seed sown during autumn in a well-drained, sandy soil. Use either coarse river sand or a 1:1 mixture of compost and river sand. The seeds germinate relatively well, but the process will be enhanced by using Instant Smoke Plus Seed Primer. Germination takes about 3-4 weeks and seedlings should be transplanted when they are large enough to handle. It grows about 0.3 m per year. Locality: Suurbraak. Harvest: April 2019