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Ximenia caffra (100 seeds)


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Ximenia caffra. It is a deciduous tree up to 6 m tall with an untidy open crown. The bark is dark grey and rough, but pale green or brown on younger branches. Branchlets are spine-tipped. Sapwood is white and heartwood is hard and reddish brown. The root system is non-aggressive. The flowers are small, sweet-scented and creamy-green. They are followed by thinly fleshy, oval, attractive fruits (drupes) which are 25 mm long, glossy, deep red with white spots. These are tart but edible and are relished by birds, other animals and humans. Sowing: It is easily cultivated from fresh seed with a mixture of river sand and compost (5:1). The seeds germinate after 14-30 days and transplanting should take place when the seedlings reach the two-leaf stage. Locality: Ex Hort. Harvest: November 2023

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