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Zaluzianskya capensis (100 seeds)


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Zaluzianskya capensis. It is an annual that grows up to a height of 500 mm.The leaves are long and narrow, about 40 mm long, sessile (stalkless), toothed, covered with hairs and opposite and/or alternately arranged. The flowers are grouped at the tip of the stems. The flower buds are deep maroon on the outside when closed, and white and scented when they open towards the evening. Sowing : When sowing seed, sift a mixture of 50% milled bark and 50% river sand together, compact the mixture lightly in the propagation tray, sow the seeds evenly, and cover with a thin layer of river sand. Water lightly by hand every second day. If seeds are kept under conditions of 15-18° C they will germinate after 4-8 weeks. Locality: Graafwater. Harvest: January 2024